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  • A blog on the future of the Glasgow North Clyde Lines can be found here…I8cu9UB9iBWq1DCFtHN84tfvA

  • Mk1 Coach Pack Vol. 1 Updated! The following things have been addressed in an update to our Mk1 Coach Pack Vol. 1: - Tail lamp not showing on some BGs - Lining on BR Blue/Grey BCK - Numbering on Maroon2 livery - Numbering on Green2 RMB - Correct 'collision box' values so locomotive doesn't go 'through' the coach when coupling up - West Coast Railway Company TSO can now show a 5 digit number - Commonwealth bogie rotated where necessary - Incorrect window/door/interior placement on FK - Only one E…

  • TS2017 Raildriver and Joystick Interface V3.1.7 released 1. Added updated scripts for the VNHRR. 2. Added audible / visual warning for the ATP alarm which you can see and hear while in external views. 3. Added the option to select an alternative engine script template when using the Extract Single Folder option in Advanced Mode (see page 8 of the manual). With some loco's, only one or two of the controls work, to fix this you need to alter the order of the function calls in the engine script. Th…

  • (OT)Musik

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    Post RIP you will be greatly missed

  • Steam Sounds Supreme winter sale, code is ssswintersale2020 40% Discount of all shop sales except Victory Works WD. Caledonia Works sale 30% OFF SALE Use promo code "CWBANNERYEAR2020" for discount prices. Sale ends on monday. Does not include rolling stock & add on packs

  • Manchester Victoria to Huddersfield route is also available on UKTS.

  • North Lincolnshire Line updated or (this second link not live at time of posting) From the homepage The latest upload includes: Retford - Sykes Junction via Leverton and Cottam. Note that the Cottam Station and Cottam Power Station were never both open at the same time, but as per usual for my route, I’ve “re-opened” the ation (or perhaps built the power station a decade early!) Gainsborough - Sykes Junction via Lea and Stow Park There are various sma…

  • Ein frohes neues Jahr 2020

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    Good healh and a happy new year to all.

  • Armstrong Powerhouse sale Merry Christmas and thank you for another year of supporting our Train Simulator add-ons. From the roar of the class 37 to the scream of the class 319, it's been a good one! To celebrate, we are offering 30% off most of our catalogue. Make sure to fill those stockings high with train sim goodies. Sale ends at 23:59 GMT on Wednesday 1st January 2020.

  • Forge Simulation SALE! Discounts on ALL locomotive packs including the DB 50! Sale runs to 3rd January! We would like to wish all our supporters a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  • Modelleisenbahn

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    New in the Bahnpark, Roco DB Akku, and Sutton Locomotive Works Scottish Class 24. The sound on the 24 is beautiful, the Akku is not quite so good.…7667a230816639d38401affca

  • North East England V2…kKAPv9_o5coUKPwGZokXHy-KM North East England is an all new route with the goal of producing a large network showcasing the diverse range of lines in the area. Built completely from scratch, North East England was conceived as a replacement for the ageing 'ECML: North East' route and was designed to be built at a much higher quality using some of the latest assets available. Version 2 of this all new route features a high quality representation…

  • Freebie and sale at Caledonia Works CR Single No. 123rd Includes, 14 quick drives 3 Caledonian Railway Coaches 3 ex-Caledonian LMS P1 livery coaches 3 ex-Caledonian LMS P3 livery coaches. So 50% off most off his other locos Use promo code "CWCHRISTMAS2019" unitl Christmas Day (25th)

  • It is an area that was renowned for it's beauty. Not sure if it is still un-spoilt in this modern age.

  • From Facebook; Now that the Welsh Marches Line is available, it is time to look at making another route. The Cotswold Line meanders its way through the Cotswold and Malvern hils, starting in Oxford, heading through towns such as Moreton-in-Marsh, Worcester and Great Malvern to Hereford. Development has only just begun, so we will post updates throughout the coming months.…7667a230816639d38401affca

  • From Facebook; We're pleased to announce that an update has been released for the Riviera Lines GWR route. Our thanks to Peter for his work on this fantastic route! This FREE route can be downloaded here: Updates include: >Fixed broken consist in free roam scenarios >Added Brixham engine shed >Added Concertina coaches to AI >More high quality drivable passenger consists from Marcus Boon in the QD menu category 'MB GWR SouthWest' >Some post war fr…

  • From Facebook OUT NOW!! Talgo ICN Elipsos Trenhotel Repaint Pack. These are repaints of the Talgo ICN trainset by 3DZUG into the Renfe-derived Elipsos liveries applied to Talgo Trenhotel sets used between Spain, France, Italy and Switzerland. As well as an exterior repaint and pre-assembled train formation consists for scenarios, there are also new destinations on the doorside information boards to reflect three former Elipsos Trenhotel routes: - Joan Miro (Paris - Barcelona) - Francisco De Goya…

  • RW Tools revival

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    From UKTS; As many of you know, I had to stop development of RW_Tools following a PC problem I had which stopped me being able to re-compile the program. This week, I had another look at the problem and discovered that with the latest version of Windows 10 some of the items which would not compile before now work again, so some of my problems may have been caused by a Windows 10 update some months ago which has now been fixed. There are still parts of the program which I can't recompile, but fee…

  • Modelleisenbahn

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    I have the DCC sound version with Piko decoder and this does illuminate the destination displays on the side. Very nice model, I also have two Roco Schienenbus, one with sound, they are not quite so nice, but still a respectable model. I am now waiting for the Roco Akku, not sure if it will reach me before Christmas.

  • TS2019/20 / Raildriver

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    I use a Hotas Throttle and a Raildriver with the software I mentioned above, It is also possible to use my G27 steering wheel as well.