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  • [TTB] Güterwagen Res 676

    Kim_olesen1 - - TrainTeamBerlin


    @BigBenjy Hi there. Looks like a great update. If i made QD AI consists from content in v1,01 will they still work in v1,1?

  • @Rivet_Colin That is the thing when asking on a nerd (meant in the positive sense!) forum. You will mostly get the conneseurs oppinions. Regarding the performance. There is a reason that TS 64bit has recommended and minimum specs. I think it would be perfectly acceptable to build and cater for the recommended specs (even though my own setup is a bit below cpu specs). Minimum requirements are just that. Minimum.

  • So quick after their previous route.....

  • I am new to understanding signal links, but the arrow on the tracks points in the right direction at the place of the zwangse.

  • Thanks. I was trying to figure out why the Gotthardbahn between Göschenen and Gurtnellen is giving me such a hard time making real drives for it. And i did find that that sometimes the main line does not have link 1 but 2 and even 3. Could that be why the dispatcher is acting strange?

  • I put this in the anfänger forum since it is probably a beginner question. If you have a railroad with zwei gleis betrieb, dthe numbers on the signal links make a difference. I noticed that some have a 1 above them while others have a 2. I made a sketch, since i want to know in particular if it makes a difference in this situation.

  • [TTB] Güterwagen Res 676

    Kim_olesen1 - - TrainTeamBerlin


    @BigBenjy i was unaware that you were planning a big update. Great news Under all circumstances i enjoy the pack very much already.

  • Zwangse Neumarkt richtung Regensbburg. Sloppy route programming. @PushingTin

  • [TTB] Güterwagen Res 676

    Kim_olesen1 - - TrainTeamBerlin


    I wonder: will the promised fix for missing glass texture on the ki version of the big digger ever see the light of day?

  • Shouldn’t this thread just be in the “Projekte” forum? Half fictious, very early stage, developer unknown.

  • @StS Danke. It’s fine if it only works on my system. I just want to get rid of a couple of falsely sharp magnets here and there. I hate being zwangsed without reason. One of them being a sharp magnet at the exit of Neumarkt in direction Regensburg.

  • Sometimes there are falsely sharp magnets etc. Can these be removed without signalling breaking down?

  • Perhaps i should be more specific. I haven’t had any “unable to resolve clash” error since the upgrade. A frequent error when making complex quick drives.

  • I experienced that scenarios that once gave the occasional error message is now running without problems. (All quick drive scenarios) @Prelli Danke. Signatur geändert

  • REAL DRIVE Villingen Hausach. Fantastic signalisation. Didn’t find one single error when programming this quick drive. The “trains move when the player train comes nearer than 2km” limitation of quick drives was a challenge because of the way the route is. I had to que the trains up and send most to the same portal. Something the dispatcher sometimes dislikes. Same limitation also made random traffic in the path of the player train difficult. But it did work with some tweaks. One strange thing t…

  • Is it just me or is anybody else experiencing an improvement in the dispatcher behaviour? I made Real Drives (advanced quick drives) for the Nürenberg Regensburg bahn and got over 50 AI trains running without a single error message. 24 AI trains in the path of the player train at one time before i set their spawn probability to O,15. I just don’t think that would have been possible in TS19. I know dtg hasn’t advertised any changes in the dispatcher code but that doesn’t mean they didn’t change i…

  • @nobsi That would be me. I think it is because the Swiss 1m routes we’ve had untill now have all been slow mountain routes. And as a consequence of that i haven’t built a large number of AI consists for them as i have for my real drives (costum quick drives with random red lights for the player train). I litterally have over hundred different QD AI cosists built for normal gauge routes and i do’t think i want to do all that work again for 1m gauge railways. I never play regular scenarios. Only m…

  • @StS good info. I’ve been a bit unsure exactly how that was handled. Zwei fragen: 1: Has anybody checked if scenarios still works with the hekto tafel and vr tracks update? 2: Has the falsely sharp magnet after Neumarke (in direction Regensburg) been corrected? 3: the Signal facing the wrong way some kilometers later?

  • @Thalvik Danke It was not the same on the danish keyboard but the answer was enough to lead me on the way. No more slipping backwards when starting uphill.

  • The problem is probably that i have a danish keyboard and the shortcuts are made for english keyboards. Does german useres have the same oroblem. If so, how do they solve them?