TS 2021 Repaint [EL] 16-17-1800 MegaPack

  • [EL] 16-17-1800 MegaPack

    A 16-17-1800 Megapack, with lots of repaints

    Repaints included

    Chartertrain 1700

    DB Cargo 1612 White front

    Locon 1627

    HUSA 1606

    HUSA 1621 Powered by Jacko fijn techniek

    NS1601 red Raillon front

    NS1607 LTR Locomotief 150

    NS1609 (Number in the middle)

    HUSA 1621 (NS with HUSA logo)

    NS1622 Haarlem 750 jaar stad

    NS1659 NS Cargo UIC

    Railion 1600

    RailForceOne 1830

    Raillogix 1619

    Rotterdam Rail Feeding 4401 40 jaren dienst

    Locon with older logo.

    NS Cargo 1637 Heineken 'Nederland wordt steeds groener'

    NS Cargo 1637 'Raillon rood'

    Debranded 1627

    Volkerrail 7178

    Strukton 1800 'Nicole'

    Rotterdam Rail Feeding 4401 Normal version

    Locon 9903

    RFO1830, Extermite 1 Stripes

    Railogix 1618


    DB1611 39 Jaren dienst

    DB1613 NS Colors

    DB1616 Afscheid

    Railexperts 9901

    Railexperts 9902

    Locon 9904

    RailForceOne 1831

    Captrain 1621

    RailForceOne 1829





    Thanks to S1lentTed and others for testing! <3

    Thanks to various members to call out bugs

    Included a modified Simulation file for the original locomotive [REPAINT COMPATIBLE!]

    Additional Information

    Required Payware
    Look Readme
    Required Freeware

    Change notice

    Change Comment
    Fixes V1.2

    - Added Custom Simulation files
    - Restored Original Simulation files
    - Fixed window from Strukton 1800 where the middle part was black instead of yellow
    - Fixed HUSA1606 where a part was completely missing.

    -- V2
    added Rotterdam Rail Feeding 4401 Normal version
    added Locon 9903
    added Railogix 1618
    added DB1602
    added DB1611 39 Jaren dienst
    added added DB1613 NS Colors
    added DB1616 Afscheid
    added Railexperts 9901
    added Railexperts 9902
    added Locon 9904
    added RailForceOne 1831
    added Captrain 1621
    added RailForceOne 1829
    added NS1739
    added NS1744
    added NS1746
    added NSM1768

    Fixed DB1612 Whtie front > black parts fixed
    Fixed Raillogix 1619 has recieved a fixed update
    Fixed HUSA1606 Multiple parts being incorrect
    Fixed Train Charter = White line corrected.