TS 2021 Updated scenery files for Aerosoft Köln - Düsseldorf. PLEASE SEE READ ME FILE.

  • Updated scenery files for Aerosoft Köln - Düsseldorf. PLEASE SEE READ ME FILE.

    Scenery upgrade and PZB fix for Aerosoft Köln - Düsseldorf route. You must own the route to use these files. No other payware required.

    Landschafts-Upgrade und PZB-Fix für die Aerosoft Köln - Düsseldorf Route. Sie müssen Eigentümer der Route sein, um diese Dateien verwenden zu können. Keine weitere Payware erforderlich.

    Additional Information

    Henry Hoover
    English Read me
    1 Million
    Required Payware
    Aerosoft Köln - Düsseldorf
    Required Freeware

    Change notice

    Change Comment
    26 September: Added some missing catenaries along route.
    24 September: Added missing distance signal.

    This is an upgrade to the default Köln - Düsseldorf route from Aerosoft.

    You must own the original Aerosoft route as these are only the required files for the changes.

    This update adds:

    A lot of scenery including a probably/definitely fictitious marshalling yard near Köln. I added it as the sidings just looked odd with no apparent purpose and buildings just randomly placed. I thought I would try to add a bit of interest on approach to Köln. If you don't like it then close your eyes or go into the editor and remove the added assets. I tried to make the towns and villages look a little better and also most of the industrial areas.

    I removed most of the weeds under the tracks that I had added. It didn't give the effect I was after and looked too much. Also, they only showed during Summer months. I left most around sidings as they tend to be used less and get a bit overgrown.

    Added fences along the route and around industrial areas. Some of these will need to be adjusted slightly. I found out the hard way that fences should be added before adding vegetation as it seems to interfere with laying down the fences especially where height differences in the terrain occur.

    Fixed most of the worst platforms with sinking passengers. I didn't find an easy way to do this so I removed the offending platforms and relaid them. I did my best, but they are not 100% perfect and some are not quite curved correctly. You can try to fix them yourself if they annoy you. Some of the platforms still have sinking passengers but they are not too bad.

    Fixed some height issues where scenery items were half buried. The area around Köln looks a lot better now.

    Some Signal fixes.

    Rain occlussions at Köln Hbf and Düsseldorf Hbf.

    A couple of track fixes. Some people still have an error at Köln Hbf with a small piece of missing track. I can't replicate it as it isn't missing in my route. I have included all the altered files so if it is still missing when you install this I don't have a solution.

    PZB corrections. Added all the missing 500 Hz magnets and permanent speed reduction magnets. Added missing 1000 and 2000 Hz magnets. The PZB safety system should work correctly now.

    Speed limit corrections and fixed a few "phantom" speed reductions not on HUD. Removed some unnecessary speed warning signs that served no purpose and appeared to be misplaced.

    Warning: Some "Timetable Scenarios" may not be achievable due to the proper use of speed reductions and PZB. I tried altering the times but ended up with strange results and game over errors due to AI collisions. Best way is go into the editor and remove all the timetable entries except the first one. Less of a challenge but saves having to replay the scenario 10 times over and over to try to complete.

    If you don't like the update then just reinstall the default. If you like it or see major errors then leave a comment.


    As I stated when I started this project, it might not be 100% accurate but I hope it is 100% better than the really poor original.

    I hope this enhances the experience of driving between Köln and Düsseldorf.

    Best wishes,



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  • Hi Henry

    I've been meaning to post here to say a big thank you for this upgrade. You've done a remarkable job.

    I sorted out my missing tracks problem, which was a relief and can now enjoy running trains between Koln and Dusseldorf without any problems.



  • Hello Henry,

    First of all i just want to congrat you with this wonderful work you did on this map.

    I've got a problem with S6 scenario. When i leave Cologne Station, i fall in a hole near the bridge.

    At Lat 50.94164 Long 6.96.204 to be exact.

    I don"t know how to correct this. I went to see in the editor and a little part of track is missing.

    Thnak you in advance.

    • Hi,

      Someone else reported this issue but I can't recreate it as it isn't missing when I play the scenario. I get all the way across the bridge and it isn't missing when I load the route in the editor.

      I did fix the missing piece of track and there was one other that I came across near Dusseldorf. More by luck than skill as moving track around can have all sorts of weird things happen.

      I can't figure out why it is an issue with this scenario.

      Can you load the scenario in the TS editor, move any nearby tree about 1mm either way then save the scenario to see if that fixes it? I am wondering if the track issue is embedded in the scenario somewhere and overwriting the main scenery file. Just a wild guess as I don't think so due to there being no scenery files in the affected scenario folder. Or load the route in the editor and move a tree slightly and save to see if that fixes it.

      I am going to upload version 1 Million soon. :>)

      I have added fences along the route and managed to fix most of the platforms with sinking passengers. It wasn't easy as I am still getting to grips with the editor. Basically the platforms with issues are all too low. The ones that didn't have sinking passengers I just left but might try to fix the height issue later. They can use a step ladder to board untill I can fix them. The platforms are made up of overlapping pieces which are difficult to align propery especially if the platforms are curved.

      I have also removed most of the weeds along the track as it just didn't look quite right and adjusted a few elevation issues here and there which solve some scenery items being half buried. made the walkway along the River look a lot nicer. All of the speed errors should be fixed and the PZB system is working.

      I created a "marshilling yard" near Koln which is probaly incorrect but the default area just looked all wrong. People can easily removed in the editor if they hate it, or just close their eyes when passing.

      Just finishing some testing. the only issue is that now the speed limits are fixed and PZB is implemented some Timetable Scenarios may be impossible to complete successfully. I just go into the editor and remove the timebable check mark on all except the first one.

  • VERSION 9 Notes:

    This is the Final version for the route.

    I was planning on adding fences to the route and a few other adjustments, but I had a Hard Drive failure which destroyed over 20 hours work and I can’t be bothered starting to do it all again.

    These files have a few minor fixes from V8.5 and a replacement file for the missing piece of track that I had unknowingly deleted near Dusseldorf.

    The route now contains a lot of vegetation, PZB magnets corrected, signals adjusted where required, speed limit fixes and rain occlusions at both main stations.

    As I stated when I started this project, it might not be 100% accurate but I hope it is 100% better than the really poor original.

    I hope this enhances the experience of driving between Cologne and Dusseldorf.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Henry

    Thank you for your reply and help. I tried doing what you suggested regarding a clean install of the route then installed your updates, then checked the S6 scenario and still had the break in the same place. The co-ordinates are Lat: 50.94160 Long 6.96202. It sounds from your reply that you picked up exactly on the track break I was describing. So I don't know why your update isn't working for me. I'm just going to have avoid the track break when I use the route. I look forward to V9. I'll have to see if I can find the track break at the Dusseldorf end of the route and the banking error.

    As you say the 143 isn't up to much. I think the vR 143 Expertline might be a better bet than the bog standard version. I think I bought the route in a Steam sale quite cheaply. I knew it had a lot of poor reviews, not one of Aerosoft's best. When you pay attention to the original route scenery it is placed very poorly. It's still got potential and your changes together with the Real Drive quick drives by Kim Olesen make it an interesting route.



    • Hi,

      Not sure why that is happening. I will see if I can figure it out. Nobody else has reported it but they might not have had the error yet.

      There is another error with a large piece of missing track near Dusseldorf, Thanks to Sable_20 for reporting this. I must have deleted it when adding or adjusting scenery. I will include the fix in the next update or in the meantime just replace the -000006+000013.bin file from your back up or default Track Tiles Folder.

      V9 should be out soon. I have spent most of the day adding fences to the route. Just have a few bits around Koln to do.

      Again, I hope people will report errors with the route and especially any bits of fence they find out of place.


    • Thank You

  • Your doing some great work.

    The only disappoint I had yesterday was finding one of the broken tracks trying to run one of the scenarios (Early morning rush hour from Koln) . Just left the station and almost immediately fell into the scenery. I think you mentioned you'd found two broken tracks. I tried my best to repair the track, but for some reason I couldn't do it, even after repeatedly watching youtube videos on track laying. So I''ll delete that scenario. Still plenty of others I can run to enjoy your enhancements.

    Regarding the passengers half way inside some of the platforms. The best piece of advice I've read was to try and lift the platform directly upwards to get at the invisible platform beneath to raise that up so the passengers are walking on the visible platform when its lowered. The other advice was to split the platform ends where they start tapering to the ground. You probably know this already, but thought I'd share. Having spent a couple of hours fruitlessly trying to repair the track yesterday I haven't tried this yet myself. Just want to run a few trains today :)

    Once again thanks for trying to make this route more enjoyable and useable route.


    • Hi,

      Many thanks again for the feedback. Hoping more people will let me know of any errors.

      Do you have the coordinates of the track error?

      I haven't come across any more apart from the two mentioned. The two I fixed were more by luck than judgement as I am still getting use to the editor. It can be awkward as buffers start to appear all over the place and breaking the route is easier than fixing it.

      Did you install all the files in the zip including the Network folder files. The files include in there are the ones that deal with the tracks and signals.

      I have played a few scenarios and had no issues. I will try the one you had the issue with. Is it a default scenario?

      I will get round to the platforms. Some will be easier to fix than others. Selecting the part you need to adjust can be quite fiddly. There probably is an easy way but I haven't found it yet. .:>)

      Cheers again,


    • Hi

      The scenario I was playing was a default career scenario - S6 morning rush hour. I departed the platform and the track break was adjacent to a signal and the first set of points leaving Koln. Yes, I installed the Content file for 8.5. I messed up your route trying to repair the break then re-installed my back up copy and messed that up as well. So had to do a fresh install. I'll get back to you with the coordinates tomorrow. Got some other things I need to do now.

      The problem with the platforms isn't helped by the fact that there seem to be different platforms merged into one another for some of the stations. I have managed to split the platform ends and raise the passengers up on a few platforms along the route, but it is so hard to pick out the right outline of the invisible platform.



    • Hi,

      I just tried the scenario and I got all the way across the bridge without issues. That is where I ended the scenario. (That default BR 143 is terrible. Whiplash when accelerating and sponges for brakes. I am going to swap it out at some point.)

      Where you had the track break is where I fixed it back in version whatever it was. I just happened to notice it when I was adding greenery around Koln.

      For some reason it doesn't/didn't appear to affect AI trains. There was another at Dusseldorf and past Dusseldorf Hbf on the right hand side there was a weird error with a part of the banking. It looked like a skateboard ramp on the track. I removed it and disguised the gap in the banking with some weeds and hedges.

      I'm not sure why you are having the issue. All the files I have altered are included in the zip. Can you try when you have time to do a fresh install of the default route then add my update? Please make a backup of your existing route so you can add your scenarios back in case you have extra downloaded or purchased scenarios.

      If you still have the track break then I will need to see if I have missed a file to add somewhere.

      The more I play the route the more I realise just how bad the default one was. A half arsed effort. Almost as if it was rushed out due to lack of developer intrest.

      The upgrade isn't perfect or 100% accurate but I hope it is a bit more realistic and interesting to drive now. I think I have caught all the weird speed limit issues and I am having more fun now that the PZB appears to be working.

      V9 coming soon as I am removing the floating bushes all over the route. In winter they look awful just levitating above the ground. Might take me a while to get them all as it is like a game of Route Editor "Whack A Mole". They keep popping up. They appear to have been a token gesture by the developers anyway.

      Thanks again for the input.


  • Apologies if the German translations are not gramatically correct. Taken direct from Google translate.

    Entschuldigung, wenn die deutschen Übersetzungen grammatikalisch nicht korrekt sind. Direkt von Google Translate übernommen.

  • Version 8.5 uploaded.

    Rain Oclusions added to Koln and Dusseldorf. Missing speed reductions on default route added. There might be some more that I haven't found yet. Please post if you find any.

    Some PZB and signal adjustments.

    Rain Oclusions in Köln und Düsseldorf hinzugefügt. Fehlende Geschwindigkeitsreduzierungen auf der Standardroute hinzugefügt. Vielleicht gibt es noch mehr, die ich noch nicht gefunden habe. Bitte posten, wenn du welche findest.

    Einige PZB- und Signalanpassungen.

  • V 7 uploaded. Some more PZB and signal fixes and removed the speed reduction error (160-120-160) at Leverkusen Mitte. No more speeding warning. Unless you are doing over 160Km/h.

    A few scenery improvements.

    If you are aware of any more strange speed errors please post with coordinates. I haven't come across any more in the limited time I have tested.

  • V6.5 uploaded.

  • Version 6 now uploaded. Includes PZB fixes for the route.

  • Well done Henry. I took a run in an ICE3 this morning. Looks very good. Don't be too critical of yourself. I wouldn't know where to start to do what you've done.

    Keep up the good work.


    • Hi,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      I am currently adding missing PZB magnets (mainly 500Hz), as there appear to be none on the default route. Also adding some missing signals and repositioning some as they just look odd and randomly placed. Placing the magnets correctly as they have just been placed with no effort at all. There are even some PZB magnets on the default route with no signal next to it. They will either be fixed or removed if they serve no purpose.

      There are also some distance signals too close to the main signals which makes the braking curve impossible to achieve when adding the 500 Hz magnet 250 meters from the main signal. Moved the distance signal and added a repeater.

      I have almost finished around Koln and progress should speed up a bit until reaching Dusseldorf. Luckily it doesn't have as many branch lines.

      Sort of learning as I go. It obviously will probably not be 100% accurate but then the default route isn't anyway. My aim is to make the route enjoyable to use. A quick test seems to have the 500 Hz magnets working as they should. Will really find out once I get it all finished.

      I intend to release this as a separate download here alongside the scenery update in case I break the route with the signals upgrade. That way people can just reinstall V4 if I do. If all goes well then I will release a combined version with the scenery I still have to fix. If it doesn't go well I will just concentrate on the scenery.

      Hopefully all should work OK.

      Many thanks, HH

      Thank you 1
  • Version 4 Uploaded

  • Change of plan. There will be an update 4 sooner than anticipated.

    When placing the scenery items it looks OK. It is not until you drive along the route and see it from the train drivers view that a lot of the annoying things show up. I noticed this last night and decided to amend a few things.

    It doesn't alter anything but it will make it look a bit better in places.

    ETA: Within the next two weeks.

    Thanks for all the downloads so far.


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    • V2 Was great work already. Looking forward to installing this. I can confirm that in v2 at least nothing was broken in regards to track i frastructure.

  • No download button ?

  • Version 3 submitted.

  • Hi Henry,

    the previous updates are really very well done. I now also enjoy riding on this track much more. I'm looking forward to the next update from you. Hopefully you manage to place the people on the platforms at the right height. Then the track would be even more perfect. Do you also exchange the signals and set a few 500 magnets for the PZB, which are missing in some places?

    Best regards Thomas

    • Hi Thomas,

      Thanks for the feedback. Version 3 will be available soon. I am just fixing some of the foilage placement, especially the height and some of it closer to the tracks. Did not realise that some of it is sitting higher than it should. Really time consuming.

      Got to add a little bit more to Koln Hbf.

      Once I have the upgrade finished I will look to see if I can fix the passenger/platform issue. I really don't understand the editor too well. It used to give me a headache just looking at it. I started this as a minor project for myself as the original route is poor. It has grown a bit from a minor project.

      I don't think I am confident enough to start messing around with the signals as I may break the route and make it worse. I don't know where the signals should be in reality. Perhaps once the scenery update is complete somebody who understands the editor better than me can fix it. A joint effort may make this route actually really enjoyable to use.

      Best regards, HH

    • Hi Henry,

      thanks for the info. I can understand you that you don't want to go to signaling. This is really a complicated technique. But let's hope that your updates are received by everyone as well as by me and that someone then agrees to work on the signaling technology.

      I'm definitely looking forward to your version 3.



    • Once again thanks for this great update. Regarding the signals. They may not look too nice BUT the script is pretty decent, which is the important thing after all.

      Is there an eta on when v3 comes out? I’ve made some scenarios but might delay the release untill v 3 is out.

    • Hi,

      Hopefully will have V3 ready this weekend. I've lost a bit of time adjusting the height and location of some of the greenery to make it look a bit more natural and not floating above ground. I also had a CTD last night and it wiped out about two hours work. My own fault for forgetting to save. Might be delayed slightly.

      Thanks again for the feedback.


    • Thanks for the reply Henry. I did two videos of the route upgrade (removed a bit of trees that were standing on the tracks, as you know) People are really impressed with this upgrade.

  • VERY good work. It actually makes me want to play the route! I had to remove some trees from the tracks. If you are interested in the modified file and claim it for your own to upload as v2.1 then let me know.

    • Hi,

      Thank you for the offer.

      I have already started on version 3 so your files may overwrite what I have done so far.

      I haven't had much time to play on the route so I may have missed a few items. I will endeavour to fix all misplaced items before going final.

      Please feel free to modify the files as you see fit. If you can make the route better for yourself then please do.

      Glad you are enjoying it so far.

  • Hey @Henry Hoover - looks very good! Thank you very much for your intensiv work on this route! It enhances the route enormously Greetings from Switzerland!

    • Hi DonMattheo,

      Thanks for the positive feedback.

      It was a route that was in desperate need of a face lift. As I said, it probably isn't 100% accurate but I hope it is now 100% better.

      There wil be a version 3 which will fix minor things like weeds being a bit on the high side or branches still going through the drivers cab. I thought I had caught them all but saw a couple last night when testing. But my main focus will be at both the main train stations and some of the minor ones. I just wish I could figure out how to fix the sinking passengers at the platforms. Will keep testing to see if I can without "breaking" the route.

      Thanks again, appreciate the feedback.

    • You're welcome and stay healthy!

  • Hi guys

    Just want to know if I own the Steam version of this route, can I use this updated scenery in there as well, or is it just the Aerosoft version?

    • Hi pjduplooy,

      Yes, it is the steam version I have. Just back up your original scenery folder incase you don't like it.

  • Images uploaded. Max of 15 allowed so really doesn't show the whole picture. No pun intended.

  • Hi,

    I will try to get some done. Or if somebody who used version 1 could post a few in the forum I would appreciate it.

    I have been editing the route for about three hours a day for the last two weeks. I am starting on making some fine adjustments and making some enhancements around Cologne/Koln.

    A few pictures really won't really do it justice. The best verdict people can make is to install the update after backing up their original and play for five minutes. If they don't think it is worth it then just install the backup scenery files.

    Any update to the the original route has to be better than the default.

    Version 1 had over 270 downloads. Not had any negative feedback so far.

  • Don't you have any pictures of your work?