TS 2021 REAL DRIVE advanced Rodachtalbahn Complete

  • REAL DRIVE advanced Rodachtalbahn Complete

    The complete suite of REAL DRIVE advanced for the wonderful Rodachtalbahn (version 2 and above). 4 drives all in all to take you all the way from Marktredwitz to Kronach. Let the randomness of the REAL DRIVE advanced stop you

    behind red signals.

    Additional Information

    Kim Olesen
    Quick Drive: Players choise.
    Rodachtalbahn v2,0 and above
    Required Payware
    3dzug Güterwagen Verkehrspack. ELAP. Koblenz Trier. Hamburg Lübeck. Freiburg Basel.
    Required Freeware
    Rodachtalbahn v2,0 and above plus all the assets that Rodachtalbahn require.
    Duration (in min.)

    Change notice

    Change Comment
    This includes minor updates to the previously released REAL DRIVES for the Rodachtalbahn.


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  • Hi Kim, I dont have Hamburg-Lübeck, is this route necessary?

    • You can play it without but you will have almost no AI trains between Marktredwitz and Hof.

    • Thanks for youre fast answer, I create the quick-drive consits myself, that should work :)

    • Remember to only use diesel engines. The consist categories you can use is detailed in the real drive manual.

      Thank you 1
    • Yepp, only diesel and steam ;) , the manual is very helpfully!

      Thank you 1